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Our Goal: Yes, we would like to have your business just as much as our competitors, but we will not purposely mislead you and we will give you the honest professional communication and service you deserve. Thank You!!

Print this page :: These are Frequently Asked Questions and or Tips we think you should keepin mind as you shop around for a Male Stripper and prepare for you party.

Q: Tipping?
A: Male Stripper Shows revolve around the tips. Tipping will make your experience more fun and exciting simply because it allows you to get more up close and personal with the dancer. It's good idea to have plenty of single dollar bills and several larger bills and for those you should make him work a lot harder.The Dancer will stay longer depending on crowd participation.

Q: How Wild does it get?
A: Our parties are very custom taylored based on exactly what the audience wants. So we can keep it pretty conservative and a little naughty all the way to X-rated!

Q: When Should I Book My Dancer?
A: Well if you know when and where your party is taking place, and you know which dancer or dancers you want for your party; then book your dancer now even if your party is a few weeks away, you want to book your dancer before some one else does.

Q: Booking?
A: Book the stripper fairly early and call few days before the party to make sure everything is OK.

Q: Will I get the Dancer I choose?
A: Yes as long as you reserve him before some one else does. Remember Ladies you are ordering male strippers wich are human and they could get sick and have traffic problems therefore we cannot 100% guarantee the dancer of your choice. Usually its about a 90% percent chance you will get the dancer of your choice.

Q: Should I pick a back up choice?
A: Yes, we do 90% guarantee our dancers but remember ladies if the dancer you choose calls in sick or can not make it due to personal reasons that are beyond our control we will have your back up choice to send so you should still get one of your choices.

Q: Costume of your choice?
A: Our Male Strippers can come to a party dressed in your choice of costume and may be able to say a couple of sentences that you may come up with to "freak out" the bachelorette or that special person a little bit before she realizes that you guys hired a male stripper. You can discuss these last minute details directly with the stripper and let him know exactly how you would like the party to go.

Q: Other agencies said they will guarantee the dancer and they have a lower price?
A: Sorry to burst your bubble ladies, but these other agencies that promise you low ball prices and guarantee the dancers of you choice are full of shit and straight out lying. Remember Ladies you are ordering male strippers which are human and they could get sick and have traffic problems therefore other agencies cannot 100% guarantee the dancer of your choice.

Q: Refund Policy?
A: Once the services are rendered, there are no refunds - no exceptions.

Q: Arrival Times Policy?
A: There is a ½ hr leeway time of arrival for the entertainers

Q: Location Policy?
A: It is the client's responsibility to provide adequate space for the entertainers to perform as well as to get permission from the owners or management of the venue to have an exotic dancer performs at their location.

Q: Insurance Policy?
A: It is the client's responsibility to provide all proper insurance coverage’s for their event, and venue including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, general liability & liquor liability. The client agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and not seek compensation, damages, or legal remedy from LastMinuteStrippers, its employees/independent contractors, its affiliated companies & assignees for any claims arising from the performance of the entertainers.

Q: Night of your Event?
A: On the night of your event if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or problems, please contact the office immediately at 201-780-5076.

Q: Escort Policy?
A: Our entertainers are exotic dancers, not escorts - don't even ask. Prostitution is illegal. If the entertainers are being propositioned for any sexual services, the show will be terminated immediately & you and or your guest/s will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Q: Party Host Responsibilities?
A: To ensure that your party turns out to be an unforgettable experience, we suggest the host designate one or more guests if possible, to help maintain order, and prevent disruptive behavior so that the entertainers can do their jobs!!! Please be in charge of keeping your crowd under control, and comply with the dancers rules. Also, please cooperate with and treat the dancers with kindness and respect and participate in party activities to ensure a fun, longer party for you and your guests.

Q: Picture Taking and Video Taping?
A: Please check with your entertainer before the show begins. It is up to the individual entertainer to give approval, but generally the answer is will be YES! You can also send us your best picture(s) to